Vito Fire Panel

The Vito Fire Panel is designed for indoor use in dry areas, where there is a requirement for a surface with fire classification B-s1, d0.


  • Fire Reaction: Fire classification B-s1, d0
  • Fire Resistance: EI30 (air gap, wood, and mineral wool)
  • Robust Surface: Durable exterior
  • Simplified Construction: Single back-wall structure with B-s1, d0 and EI30 ratings, minimizing material complexity.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduced building materials mean a lower carbon footprint compared to competitors’ requirement of additional layers. Most competitors add two layers of gypsum plus a steel plate to achieve the necessary robust surface.
  • Innovative Installation: Concealed fastening and click-lock mechanism for nearly invisible joints.
  • Efficient Installation: Quick and straightforward, saving time and labour.
  • Low Maintenance: No post-installation finishing required.No post-installation finishing required
  • Decor Options: Selection of 5 distinct styles to suit various aesthetic preferences.

Areas of use

The Vito Fire Panel is a high-quality building material designed for indoor use in dry areas that require a surface with a fire class B-s1, d0 rating. The combination of this fire classification and a robust panel that is easy to install, maintain, and requires no post-installation finishing within the same panel is quite unique. It is this distinctive feature that sets the Vito Fire Panel apart from most of its competitors.


The Vito Fire Panel is made from a 6.4 mm high-pressure compact laminate, featuring an integrated locking system for easy installation and “seamless” joints.

  • Measurements: 6.4 (D) x 620 (W) x 2720 (L) mm
  • Application Area: Dry rooms
  • Fire classification B-s1, d0: Contributes very limitedly to fire, produces very limited smoke, and does not form burning droplets.
  • Vito Profiles for Fire Panel are available for internal and external corners
  • Sealant: Standard sealant is used in joints, and fire sealant must be used to seal the system around doors/windows and against the ceiling/floor.