“Since day one Fibo could not have done more to help drive sales forward. You could say they are just another panel supplier. But no, they truly have looked and listened to what the customer and the showrooms want. Keeping product sizing simple and offering the bold stylish colours of today’s trendy bathrooms. Since replacing a small part of our showrooms with the Fibo boards our like for like sale for wall boarding has not only increase in Fibo sales, They have opened customers minds to the wall boarding market.”

Richard Elliott, Director, Simply Bathrooms

Builders Merchants

“Fibo’s high performance plywood panels offer us a new sales opportunity – it means we can provide customers with a unique product and a real alternative to tiles. It’s a premium product with the look and feel of tiles, particularly the top-end Marcato panel, which features routed grooves to replicate grouting and really appeals to the domestic market. Fibo wall panels stand out because they are so well made. The feedback from customers has been excellent.

“We sell other wall panels but nothing that looks like tiles or that has the choice of colours and finishes that Fibo offers. The range of POS is great in helping our staff sell and we’ve added the products to all our showrooms. Fibo also visited each one of our branches to support staff with training, which was a great help too.”

David Hogg, Business Development Manager, Plumbstore

“Fibo came highly recommended. They offer a full product range suitable for both the contractor and the retail market and that appealed to me. I was attracted by the quality of the product – in fact I was quite simply blown away by the tile effect styles. Not only do the panels look like ceramic tiles, but they feel like them too!”

Lee Hooper, Managing Director, BBS Building Supplies

“They took my breath away. I could not believe how good they looked. I saw the display and thought, ‘Wow!’ A large display shows customers that we have confidence in the product. There is something for everyone, including feature wall panels. I’ve never been a great fan of the old-style panelling but Fibo is different – it’s given me an appetite for selling. I’m a convert.

“The smooth, linear interlocking system makes installation easy and provides a stunning finish at the same time. No-one has spotted the joins. In fact we’ve had to persuade some customers that Fibo panels are in fact panels; even when they’ve felt them! One lady was so convinced that Fibo panels were in fact tiles that I had to show her the original packaging before she believed it. That’s how good Fibo panels are!”

Ian Shields, Showroom Manager, BBS Building Supplies

“It’s a great product; it’s sturdy and the installation is sound. While other boards are flexible and feel less substantial, Fibo panels are solid and stable. The instructions provided with the panels are simple to follow and the panels are easy to install. They are available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm widths which makes them particularly versatile. There is a nice colour range – a mix of popular traditional designs and modern alternatives.

“It’s a good product and the support that Fibo offers is second-to-none. A rep visited us at the branch and we were provided with full product training. It gave our staff the knowledge and confidence to sell with certainty.”

Karl Dixon, Showroom Sales Consultant, BBS Building Supplies

“Fibo products have opened up a totally different market for us. We used to supply panels just for showers, but the Fibo range can be used for the whole bathroom. As a result, the average order value has increased five-fold.

“The 7-layer plywood core is much better than the MDF core our previous suppliers used. We don’t get quality issues with the Fibo panels. And they are cost effective too. They’re maintenance free and come with a 15-year guarantee. We get sample boards for the showrooms, a pack for salesmen with samples and they also make a contribution towards the cost of our bespoke brochures.”

Graham Tinley, Kitchen and Bathroom Category Manager, LBS Builders Merchants

“We used to sell similar wall panels for showers and sourced them from several builders’ merchants. Most other panels are made of MDF, which allows water to slowly permeate through to the backing. Fibo’s laminated panels are of superior construction and do not allow water ingress. There’s no other product on the market like Fibo in terms of looks and quality.”

Tom Miller, Managing Director, P H Plumbing

“Fibo wall panels look great and they are extremely easy to fit and keep clean. The biggest advantage with wall panels is that, unlike traditional bathroom tiles, the grout lines do not discolour or break down over time. There’s a wide range of high-quality textures and finishes available so there’s something to suit the style and theme of most bathrooms, traditional or modern. Customers want products that are going to last and stay looking good – which is what Fibo delivers. And their 15 year guarantee reassures customers that they’ve bought a quality product.

“Wall panels are also easy to install. There’s no need to remove old tiles – panels can be fitted over existing tiles, or directly to the walls or stud partitioning. Our installer customers love it – they can complete the job quickly, without having to sub-contract tiling, saving lots of time.”

Andy Morris, Group Showroom Manager, Sydenhams

 “We stock Fibo because it is the best quality panel on the market in terms of looks and quality. We see keen interest from both trade and DIY customers. The construction of Fibo’s panels is the secret – it’s plywood-backed rather than MDF or plastic and looks much better than other boards. It’s quick and easy to fit and doesn’t require grouting which makes it cost effective. There are plenty of colour options and the tile effect panels are very popular with customers. Anyone can fit them so there is no need to employ a tiler. It’s simple – Fibo offers a superior product in comparison to other wall panels.

“Fibo is also extremely supportive in helping us sell. They provide stands, brochures and new samples when we ask for them, and they regularly update their ranges. They also provide staff training and a bank of photography we can use for our own marketing. We also benefit from their advertising in mainland magazines – it raises awareness and helps us sell in Guernsey.”

Lester Forman, Marketing & Purchasing Manager, Norman Piette

“We supplied and installed 126 bathrooms last year, with just one fitting team. Fibo’s unique Aqualock system means we can remove a bath, fit wall panels and install a walk-in shower in 5-6 hours! We know the installations last too. Fibo’s panels don’t need much maintenance – a quick wipe down is enough – and there’s no grout to discolour or go mouldy. And as they are 100% waterproof there’s no hidden damp problem.

“With around 70 colours/designs to choose from there is something to suit any type of property. Our customers certainly love the look. Our showroom is attached to the family house, and customers often come in to see how well Fibo works in our home!”

Greg Lewis, Managing Director, Norwave   

“Fibo products have provided a new sales opportunity for us. Its five ranges give our customers plenty of choice in style, colour and finish, and the products are well made. We’ve had lots of positive interest from our customers, particularly as the panels are quick and easy to install, easy to clean, maintenance free and more cost effective than traditional tiles.

“Fibo’s products have a membrane between the laminate and board which makes the quality of its range stand out. And competing ranges don’t offer a tiled look where the tiles line up with the grooves. All these benefits mean we can offer our customers something very different. Fibo’s support is extremely good too. We’ve had comprehensive product training, samples and displays so we can showcase the range in our branch, and a great image library means we can show our customers the installed finish.”

Paul Elson, Studio Director, Pentagon

“We decided to add Fibo panels to our show areas because they are unique, easy to fit and look like traditional tiles. Everyone thinks of caravans when you mention wall panels, but Fibo is opening up a new market with a high-end solution.

“Fibo’s patented Aqualock tongue and groove system means you don’t see the join of the panels for a seamless finish. And a routed grout line on the panel gives you an authentic tile effect. A big benefit is that you don’t need to make good the walls before installing panels, which saves a lot of time, money and mess! The panels are also low maintenance with just a simple wipe to keep them clean and looking good.

“Fibo provides first class training, great after sales care, and excellent support to our outlets. Their team responds to queries quickly and often support us at exhibitions too. Fibo also generates and passes on leads to our business. Overall we have a great relationship with them.”

Neil Bell, Head of Retail, Easy Bathrooms

“Fibo’s panels outclass all other competing products, with a superb range of colours and finishes. The authentic look of the panels means customers are amazed when I tell them they’re not tiles! Fibo’s unique Aqualock tongue and groove system makes the panels really easy and quick to install, with the added bonus of an invisible ‘join’ for a seamless finish. And with no grout to keep clean, they are easier to maintain too.

“Our show areas now look more like individual room sets, making it easier for our customers to see what the end result will look like. I’ve also been impressed with Fibo’s comprehensive support. We have received exceptional training, sample boards, brochures and even a POS video. It’s all spot-on and the showroom looks unbelievable! Fibo sells itself.”

Darren Shortall, Managing Director, C&G Heating & Plumbing

“Retro-fitting the established showrooms will take time but we’ve had such a good response from customers we think it’s worth it.

“We sell two other panel ranges but it’s Fibo’s premium Mercato range which has created the most demand. There’s a wide choice of colours and finishes and it has a unique ‘grouting’ line that makes the panels look and feel like tiles – in fact the tile effect is very striking. Unlike tiles, however, the panels are quick and easy to install and much more hygienic as there’s no actual grout to collect dirt and mould. They’re more cost-effective too, with savings on labour as you don’t need specialist tilers to fit them.

“It is suppliers like Fibo that have helped us grow. Fibo is very proactive and generous with its support; the displays, POS material, swatches and sample panels are good quality and supplied free of charge, and they’ve given us contract work and directed installers to us.”

Bill Davies, Sales Director, James Hargreaves

“We use suppliers who are part of FORTIS; when Fibo joined the group, we were keen to start negotiations and are now featuring the panels in a number of our showrooms. Fibo’s choice of colours and designs is brilliant and the panels are easy to maintain too, requiring just a quick wipe over to keep looking good. The premium options with a routed ‘grouting’ line means they look and even feel like tiles – but without the discolouring or mould growth!”

Bill Stobbs, Sales Director, JT Dove

“Fibo stands out from all other wall panel suppliers. The construction of the panels is stronger and more durable thanks to the plywood core, and customers say they are quick and easy to install. There’s no dirt or mould to deal with (as there is with actual grout), and you don’t need a tiler to fit them. The tile effect panels add another dimension to our offering and we’re delighted to offer our customers something different. We’ve had very positive feedback so far and intend to include all the ranges shortly.

“From presentation packs to training in every branch, Fibo is a very supportive company and we look forward to forging a longstanding relationship.”

Dennis Littlechild, General Manager, T Patton

“I first saw Fibo at the CIH Housing Show in Manchester last year. We’d only used ceramic tiles before, as wall panels in general have a lot of catching up to do on quality: but Fibo is far superior. The panels are absolutely brilliant in terms of the time and skillset required for installation, and the quality is there too, with a good choice of finishes and colours.

“Many people aren’t familiar with wet room panels and are surprised at the quality. Fibo’s range includes premium options with a routed grouting line that makes them indistinguishable from tiles – our customers just can’t tell the difference! The Fibo range and styles are amazing and have allowed us to offer a new type of product.

“There is a range of POS and marketing materials, plus a dedicated support team to help us sell the benefits of the panels. The displays and samples we have been supplied with allow the product to promote itself. Fibo offers better, more modern designs than other panels. They’re easy to install and ultimately cheaper as you don’t need to pay a tiler to install them.”

Ed Pomgratoom, Showroom Manager, MP Moran & Sons Ltd

“We are heavily promoting Fibo wall panels and have had lots of new business come our way. We had already recognised a growing trend in wall panels and decided to try them. We’ve not looked back!”

“I chose Fibo wall panels in particular because of the glowing feedback I had from other Fortis group members. The panels offer a diverse range of finish and colour. And the Aqualock system is ‘genius’, allowing the panels to be fitted quickly and easily, with a seamless waterproof finish! Fibo’s support has been amazing as well: nothing is too much trouble. The support team has helped train all the staff and provided sales cases and stands for the showroom. Fibo is keen to grow with its customers and be a part of our journey, and they have sent us a number of leads already. What more can you ask?”

Phil Hopkinson, Managing Director, Plumb Plus Supplies

Social Housing

“I first saw Fibo at the CIH Housing Show in Manchester last year. We’d only used ceramic tiles before, as wall panels in general have a lot of catching up to do on quality: but Fibo is far superior. The panels are absolutely brilliant in terms of the time and skillset required for installation, and the quality is there too, with a good choice of finishes and colours.

“The short build time means Halton can rent the properties out (and house its residents) much quicker compared to traditional construction methods, and there’s far more control over the quality and consistency of the build. The potential for Halton Housing – and indeed social housing in general – is huge.”

Allan Foster, Technical Director of Simply Modular

“This was the first time we had used panels as an alternative to tiles and we are very pleased with the outcome. The panels were quick and easy to fit, and excellent from a maintenance point of view. Fibo supported us throughout the project and was absolutely superb. Any queries were dealt with on the spot and with professionalism. We would definitely use the panels again.”

Howard Draper, from Broxtowe Borough Council

“Many of our tenants were not happy with their tiles. Typical complaints included tiles becoming blown or hollow and falling off walls, the grout discolouring and general maintenance issues. But since we started fitting wall panels, the feedback has been excellent, with tenants confirming they are much easier to look after and keep clean.

“The installation and repair teams are keen too! The panels are straight forward to install and reduce ongoing maintenance issues. They can be installed within a day, as opposed to 2-3 days tiling, and can be fitted directly to existing walls, including over tiles.

“The team also preferred Fibo wall panels because they are made of ply instead of MDF. Fibo offers a greater range of sizes too compared to other companies, which results in less wastage when cutting the panels to size. When we added up all the benefits, we quickly realised Fibo offered a better quality product.

“The type of panel was an important consideration too. We have a number of tenants who have dementia or are blind or partially sighted. Therefore we had to avoid sparkly/shinny panels and choose a RNIB friendly panel. For this reason we specified Fibo’s traditional range in frost blue to be fitted in all our properties.”

Mike Jarrett, WHQS Contracts Officer, Powys Council