Installation Videos – Wall Panels

We have created a range of animated installation videos to help explain how to install and fit the Fibo system in various different scenarios.

1. Preparation before installation

What to do when you receive your panels, how to store them, how to cut them and what you will need to prepare for installation.

2. Installing on different backwall options

Use for advice on screwing panels into stud walls, plasterboard, or glueing panels onto brick, concrete and tiled walls.

3. Installing the base profile

Where we recommend placing the base profile and how to install it.

4. Installing the hidden internal corner profile

Where we recommend placing the hidden internal corner profile and how to go about installing it.

5. How to correctly seal the panels

Sealing the Aqualock joint in the correct way, and how and when to seal any cut edges.

6. Installing the first and middle panels when using the hidden internal profile

How to start off a run of panels on a wall when using this type of profile including where to start and how to dry fit and seal the panels in place.

7. Fitting the final panel in a corner when using the hidden internal profile

What to do when you come to the last panel on a run of the wall and how to fit the profile to the panel and swing into place.

8. Whole room installation when using the visible internal profile

This film gives an overview of how to go about using this type profile when installing panels in a full room installation. Starting in one corner and ending over a doorway.

9. Installing the external corner profile

How to install and seal panels around an external corner, box in a wall or transition from panels to another wall surface.

10. Installing L Shape profiles (including around window sills)

Where and how to use the L Shape profiles. Shows how to measure, fit and install panels around a window sill, cut out shelf or niche.

11. Fitting panels at floor level, over baths and over shower trays

The recommended way to finish the panels at floor level, and how to install panels on top of a shower tray or bath. Film shows both behind a tray or bath, and on top of a tray or bath.

12. Installing pipes and other accessories

How to drill holes for pipes and accessories whilst making sure they are sealed correctly and water tight.

Important things to keep in mind when installations Fibo Wall Panelling to achieve the best possible end result

  1. It is recommended to use rocking motion when clicking the panels together to ensure a good joining in the aqualock. The use of force can damage the lock and result delamination of the core.
  2. Using the Fibo Grip will provide increased control when joining plates.
  3. Gently strike against the nail lip on the right side of the panel with the Fibo Tapping Tool to ensure the panel is fully locked.
  4. Make sure that the screws are not screwed so hard that they are pulled through the nail lip.

If you any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support!

Find the correct accessories

The wall system is mounted by first setting up profiles that form the framework of the wall system. Then the boards are mounted, all joints are sealed with Fibo’s sealant, Fibo Seal. Accessories are also available to facilitate installation