A source of creativity

Our collections combine the natural with the contemporary. Be inspired by creativity and decorate using the latest trends in Scandinavian design. There’s a whole palette of different designs, colours and surfaces to choose from. Create a warm rustic feel and go back to nature with woods and stones. For a bolder look, match our natural panels with a pop of colour.

Moonstone Chevron
Code: 7616-M78
Oak Nature
Code: 0164-M00
White Marble
Code: 2273-M6060
Rough Cement Hexagonal
Code: 2490-M71
White Marble
Code: 2273-M00
Olive Green Straight Herringbone
Code: 5206-M75
Black Marble
Code: 2272-M6060
Pure Oak Slats
Code: 2164-M0500

Shabby Chic Vertical Plank
Code: 2898-M76
Dusky Pink Stacked Subway
Code: 5218-M0830
Shabby Chic
Code: 2898-K00
Dusty Blue
Code: 6274-M6030
Rough Wood
Code: 7969-M6060
Frozen Blue
Code: 5746-M00
Denver White
Code: 3091-KM3005
Black Silk Hexagonal
Code: 2024-M71
Light Wood Vertical Plank
Code: 2159-M76
Denver White Stacked Subway
Code: 3091-M0830
Olive Green
Code: 5206-M00
Brown Marble
Code: 2278-M6060
White Contrast
Code: 2099-M6030