Everything you need to know about Fibo wall panels

Here we answer any questions you might have about Fibo wall panels with some short videos to help you understand our product.

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What are the different Fibo profiles available?

What is available in the Fibo accessories range?

What are Fibo’s wall panels made from?

Our wall panels are now made from birch, poplar or spruce.

Top tips before installing Fibo wall panels

How waterproof are Fibo’s wall panels?

How to repair small chips and scratches in Fibo wall panels?

How light are Fibo’s wall panels?

How easy is it to cut Fibo’s wall panels?

How does Fibo’s Aqualock system work?

How do you clean Fibo wall panels?

How does Fibo achieve the ‘grout’ look?

How do you attach mounted items to Fibo wall panels?