Letniskowo Increase Quality Level of Their Mobile Homes with Fibo

Letniskowo is a Polish company that manufactures mobile homes improved by the variety of patterns and textures Fibo’s wall panels offer.

Founded in 2013, the quality of their mobile homes is built under the ‘TUV safety snow load class D’ certificate in 16 countries in Europe. They build their potential based on experience, knowledge, the commitment of their team and the trust of their partners, such as Fibo.

How did they come in contact with Fibo?

“We came across FIBO while looking for new solutions that would respond to current market requirements for modern design and the durability of the materials used in the mobile homes that we manufacture. It was also important to us to optimise our work when finishing the interiors, what we were able to achieve with this material.”

Why did they choose Fibo / implement the solution/system?

“One of the reasons we chose the Fibo wall panels was the variety of patterns and textures. This, combined with a wide range of colours, allowed us to create interesting arrangements for our mobile homes. This allowed our interior architects to let their imaginations run wild and create fascinating designs.”

White Marble M6060

What is their experience with Fibo and what benefits do they see by using Fibo in their solutions?

“The use of Fibo panels is an increase in the level of quality of the mobile homes we offer. Another extremely important aspect is the time we have saved by using them in our production process. It is also worth mentioning the positive surprise of our customers when telling them how the bathrooms and kitchens in our mobile homes were finished.”

Are there any special benefits with Fibo related to the segment they operate within?

“The main benefits we see from using the Fibo panels are the ease of installation when working with this material and the impression it has on our customers.”

Silver Grey Marble M6060

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