Fibo Wall Panels Remain Product of Choice for Scottish Social Housing Provider

South Lanarkshire Council switched from using tiles to Fibo waterproof panels for its bathroom refurbishments in 2004 and 19 years later, Fibo remains the product of choice – having most recently been used on a refurbishment project in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

South Lanarkshire Council first specified Fibo waterproof panels for its Home Happenings project in 2004 – a housing investment programme focused primarily on refurbishing the kitchens and bathrooms within its social housing portfolio. The project team established a trusted network of suppliers throughout the programme’s 10-year duration, one of which was Fibo. Recognising the time saving qualities the wall panels offered, they were used for the duration of the programme and beyond, being installed in over 25,000 of the council’s properties to date.

Speaking about the relationship between the two organisations, Steven McAlpine, who works at South Lanarkshire Council, said: “We’ve been installing Fibo’s waterproof wall panels in our social housing properties since 2004 and have never looked back. In fact, we’ve recently finished a bathroom refurbishment in Cambuslang, where we’ve used Fibo’s wall panels in the White Marble décor.

Manufactured from multi-layered quality plywood and high-pressure laminate, Fibo’s wall panels offer an efficient, reliable and cost-effective alternative to tiles, capable of being installed directly onto wooden or steel studs, or even over existing tiled walls. The panels feature an innovative Aqualock tongue and groove system, resulting in a seamless and waterproof joint every time.

White Marble 2273

Steven continues, “With tiles, a typical bathroom installation would take around five days. Whereas with Fibo’s wall panels, it’s three days maximum. Not only does this mean that we can complete the project efficiently and move on to the next one quickly, but it also enables us to save significant money in labour costs. Fibo’s versatility and variety of aesthetic designs is another big factor in why we continue to use Fibo wall panels.

“As well as providing us with numerous installation and longevity benefits, our tenants also really appreciate Fibo’s wall panels. We offer the panels in three decors – London, Ivory and Toscana – which gives the tenant a degree of choice and design flexibility. When the bathrooms are completed, the product’s fantastic finish is clear to see. Using Fibo’s wall panels can also minimise the need for upkeep and repair.”

“Having now installed Fibo panels on around 25,000 properties, we really notice the difference. To keep tiles looking great for longer, you really have to work for it – with regular upkeep and cleaning required. Whereas, as a result of the Fibo panels being manufactured from strong, durable timber, this isn’t something we have to worry about. If I go into one of our bathrooms that had panels installed 15 years ago, there is very little water damage at all.”

Steven concluded: “Having worked with Fibo for 19 years, we’ve built a really strong relationship over that time. The support we receive from Fibo is invaluable – it’s a great partnership. The sales representatives are always on hand to help us and keep in touch regularly.”

You can watch the full bathroom renovation below.

Fibo & South Lanarkshire Council