Fibo Brings Speed and Ease of Bathroom Installations to Melin Homes

Having converted from tiles to wall panels in its bathroom and kitchen refurbishments, social housing provider Melin Homes has been reaping the rewards ever since.

Based in South East Wales, Melin Homes provides over 4,500 affordable properties to people across five local authorities. The social housing provider first made the switch from tiles to waterproof wall panels three years ago, initially using Fibo’s wall panel system in place of kitchen splashbacks, before introducing wall panels into bathroom refurbishments too. 

Bathroom Installations Melin Homes Wall Panels

Speaking about having made the switch, Dave Badham, Planned Maintenance Team Leader at Melin Homes, said: “We’re now seeing huge time savings when it comes to the on-site installation. For example, we’re able to deliver a whole new bathroom, including the whiteware, in the time it originally took just to install the tiles. With traditional tiles, between the wall preparation, tiling, time allowed for drying and then returning to grout, it could be an incredibly time-consuming process. 

Sugar Sparkle – Code: 1050

“Fibo’s wall panels are also far easier to clean and maintain, thanks to their long-lasting durability. Not only does this make life easier for the tenant, it also makes the process easier for us when it comes to cleaning the property and ensuring it is ready for the next tenant to move in. With just a simple clean and wipe, the wall panels look as good as new – without fear of there being chips and cracks, or the grout having deteriorated.

“In terms of decors, Fibo has a huge range available. At Melin Homes, we offer our tenants the choice of three designs: Sugar Sparkle, Ivory and Grey Sand. This really helps residents to feel invested in the refurbishment and take ownership of their bathroom.”

Fibo’s waterproof wall panels range

Five times quicker to install than tiles, Fibo’s waterproof wall panels can be installed directly over tiles, minimising downtime and disruption to existing residents. Manufactured from a PEFC-certified multi-layered plywood core, Fibo’s wall panels offer a 37% carbon saving, when compared to tiles, and are available with an industry-leading 25-year warranty.

You can watch the full video of a full bathroom renovation conducted by Melin Homes below.

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