The Atholl Arms Hotel Elevates Bathroom Design with Fibo Waterproof Wall Panels

South Lanarkshire Council switched from using tiles to Fibo waterproof wall panels for its bathroom refurbishments in 2004 and 19 years later, Fibo remains the product of choice – having most recently been used on a refurbished The Atholl Arms Hotel, located in the picturesque town of Dunkeld, has a rich history and a reputation for excellence. Recently crowned Scotland’s best 4-star hotel in the central belt at the Prestige Hotel Awards, the hotel continually seeks to enhance its guest experience. In 2023, the Atholl Arms Hotel embarked on a significant renovation project to elevate the style and functionality of their bathrooms, specifically seeking out waterproof wall panels they previously lacked.

The Challenge: Finding the Perfect Wall Panels for Hotel Bathrooms

When the Atholl Arms Hotel decided to renovate their bathrooms, they faced a common challenge: finding unique and stylish waterproof wall panels that weren’t readily available on the market. The hotel aimed to maintain its distinctive character and provide guests with a memorable experience. Traditional options often lacked the vibrant colours and patterns the hotel desired.

The Solution: Introducing Fibo Waterproof Wall Panels by Wet Wall Works

During their search, the hotel management came across Fibo panels on the Wet Wall Works website. They were immediately impressed by the variety of designs and the vibrant colour schemes available. Fibo panels promised not only aesthetic appeal but also practical benefits such as ease of cleaning and durability – perfect qualities for waterproof wall panels in a high-traffic environment like a hotel bathroom.

Implementation: A Seamless Renovation with Fibo Panels

The renovation began with the Junior Suite’s bathroom. The installation of Fibo wall panels from Wet Wall Works was straightforward and efficient, resulting in a bathroom that exuded elegance and charm. The positive feedback from guests and staff alike encouraged the hotel to extend the use of Fibo panels to eight additional bedrooms.

Results: Enhanced Style and Functionality with Fibo Panels

The incorporation of Fibo waterproof wall panels by Wet Wall Works has significantly enhanced the style and functionality of the Atholl Arms Hotel’s bathrooms. The management and guests have praised the panels for their quality and the unique atmosphere they bring to each room. The hotel now boasts nine beautifully renovated bathrooms featuring Fibo panels, each offering a blend of modern convenience and classic charm.

A Winning Choice for Hotel Bathroom Design

“Once the first bathroom was completed (our Junior Suite) we knew that we liked the ease of cleaning, variety of designs, colours, quality and the overall feel it provides in the bathroom. Since the creation and renovation of our Junior Suite, a total of nine bedrooms now feature Fibo panels. The panels have been a great way of bringing extra style and uniqueness to each and every bathroom maintaining the stylish character of the hotel bedrooms.”

By providing the Atholl Arms Hotel with the ideal waterproof wall panels they were looking for, Wet Wall Works and Fibo panels helped them achieve a winning combination of style, functionality, and guest satisfaction. With their wide variety of designs and superior quality, Fibo panels offer a perfect solution for modern bathroom design.