Fibo 2023 Journey | The Fibo Team

A Reflection on Fibo’s 2023 journey: A Year of Growth, Innovation, and Success

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on Fibo’s remarkable journey throughout the year. The past twelve months have been marked by numerous achievements, showcasing Fibo’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing tile-effect waterproof wall panels.

Showroom of the Week:

In March, we introduced our ‘Showroom of the Week’ feature across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter). Your inspiring showrooms, innovative styling techniques, and receiving positive feedback on our extensive range of decors has been truly delightful. We appreciate all your support. Looking ahead, we are excited about showcasing more ‘Showroom of the Week’ highlights. Don’t forget to tag @FiboUK in any social media content! 

Fibo 2023 Journey | Showroom of the week


Over the past twelve months, we’ve had the privilege of participating in numerous exhibitions, including prominent events such as Housing 2023, Offsite Expo, and the London Independent Hotel Show. These exhibitions provided invaluable opportunities for us to engage with industry leaders, exchange insights, and present our latest designs and décors.

At each show, we highlighted how Fibo wall panels seamlessly complement any bathroom or kitchen, catering to all sectors, including social housing and modular/offsite manufacturing. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming events in 2024, where we can continue to grow connections, showcase our innovations, and contribute to the dynamic conversations shaping our industry.

Fibo 2023 Journey

Fibo’s New designs:

In June, keeping up with the latest trends, we launched 27 new well panel designs, including our Marble Collection. This collection is a mix of classic, classy, and sophisticated wall panels designs. From the ever-popular Bright Marble, which have been hewn from real Italian stone to the beautiful Black Marble our marble collection has a mix of understated classics that never go out of fashion. 

More colour and décor designs were added to our Urban Range. With neat geometric designs, inspired by patterns and shapes found in urban city environments, this collection offers modern and stylish designs in a wide range of colours to suit everyone’s taste. 

As a result, we launched our latest brochures, with the highlight being the introduction of our new kitchen brochure in July.

Fibo’s continued growth:

Fibo’s commitment to growth is evident in its expansion efforts geographically and through partnerships.

In January, we started a two-year partnership with the National Buying Group LLP, expanding our customers’ access to Fibo wall panels through a broader network of merchants. This strategic partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional service, further enhancing our dedication to customer satisfaction.

With a new distributor, Kristen’s, in Northern Ireland, shows how Fibo is expanding its presence and reach in the market. And as Fibo continues to expand in Scotland, in August we proudly opened the Fibo Warehouse in Denny.

Our team has also experienced substantial growth this year, welcoming several new members across the sales, customer service, and marketing teams. With these valuable additions, our team is now stronger than ever and fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges that the New Year will bring.

Fibo 2023 Journey

Here’s to you:

So, with 2023 soon to come to an end, we’d like to say ‘thank you’ to you, the people who have supported Fibo. We’ve had another fantastic year, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to an even better 2024!