Staying on Trend in 2022

In this blog, Rachel Oddy, Fibo’s Marketing Manager, takes a look at the year ahead and highlights some of the key interior design trends set to take the bathroom world by storm…

When it comes to bathrooms, gone are the days when it was purely a functional space. Now, it presents an exciting opportunity to create a contemporary, relaxing and luxurious setting, with occupants and users expecting more from their bathroom. That said, choosing a new look isn’t always easy. Whether starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, it’s worthwhile considering the current bathroom design trends for inspiration.

Achieving the desired design outcome can be done with the help of our waterproof wall panels, with over 80 designs, colours and textures available across six collections.

Taking inspiration from nature

Bringing the outside in, or biophilic design as it is also known, is a trend that has been increasing in popularity for the last few years and is showing no signs of dissipating. Just look at how quickly houseplants have taken over!

As we are all spending more time inside than ever before, biophilic design offers a chance to reconnect with nature, by bringing more natural elements and materials into the interior space. In addition to looking great, this can help to relieve stress, improve mental health and wellbeing and make occupants feel both happier and healthier.

The trend can take many different forms, from bringing more natural light into a space and the addition of luscious greenery to installing floor and wall coverings inspired by natural textures and materials. To help, we have a whole host of wood-effect wall panels available, including Rough Wood, Avalon Pine and Shabby Chic, as well as various designs inspired by stone, such as Bright Marble.

Feeling blue

Despite the popular phrase, bringing blue shades into the bathroom space can actually have the opposite effect. Helping to create a spa-like aesthetic, blue and green hues have ascribed qualities such as purity, calmness, restoration and peace. Such shades are also associated with nature, particularly the coastal environment – again contributing to this trend of bringing the outside in and focusing on mindfulness and relaxation.

Throughout our six collections, we have lots of blue and green tones for you to choose from, including our latest additions to the Urban Collection; Olive Green and Ocean Blue.

Industrial aesthetic

The industrial design philosophy may have originated in New York in the 1950s, as former factories and warehouses were converted into domestic living spaces, but the trend still remains just as popular today.

By making use of a building’s original features, including bare brick walls, and creating a raw, stripped-back look, featuring concrete walls and exposed duct work, this industrial style has swiftly made its way into inspiring kitchen and bathroom design.

To help achieve the industrial aesthetic, the Metro Brick design, part of our Urban Collection, is an ideal choice, inspired by the tiling found in classic underground stations.

Reinventing a classic

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic! Whether it’s a classic car, classic novel or a classic song, some things are here to stay.

Herringbone is a great example of a classic that’s stood the test of time. By taking inspiration from the classic Herringbone pattern, architects, developers and installers can use wall panels to create a versatile, elegant and timeless look. At Fibo, we have not just one but two Herringbone styles! Our latest Straight Herringbone design has a tile effect at right angles with where the panels join and fit the geometric, urban trend perfectly.

Why tile, when you can Fibo? Learn more about what makes our waterproof wall panels so great or browse through our collections.