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Our 100% waterproof wall panels are suitable for many different environments and building projects such as multi-family housing, schools, nursery schools, hospitals, gas stations and many more. The broad collection of designs will definitely fulfill the needs of all projects.

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The panels are made of a multi-layered high quality plywood, with a high-pressure laminate surface, and are available in a huge choice of colors, grout lines and designs. Check them out and get inspired. We use a unique material with a patented Aqualock-click system. Our panels are approved to meet the strict requirements that are needed in a bathroom, and comes with a 25-year Limited Warranty for Commercial applications.

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Fibo wall panel is made of a core with seven layers of birch veneer made from PEFC-certified woods. The boards are pressed together and covered with high-pressure laminate so that you get the membrane in front. You then get a 100 percent waterproof and environmentally friendly design wall for exactly the style you want in your bathroom, kitchen or wet room.

With panels of 2400 mm height, you quickly and easily cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Some of the decorations are also available in 118 inches for rooms with extra ceiling height.

Kitchen Boards are panels of 580 mm height, adapted to the splash zone between the kitchen counter and the top cabinet. The panels protect the wall from spills from water and cooking.

CEU – Continuing Education Course AIA

“A Smart Way To Transform Your Walls”

Are you an architect or designer? – Learn about the system benefits by taking the FIBO AIA approved CEU course on   The on-line course will show how sustainable waterproof wall panels can contribute to earning LEED v4.1 for your upcoming projects.  

This course explores how Waterproof Wall Panel Systems are used to provide a cost-effective, easily installed, low maintenance design solution for bathrooms, kitchens and interior wall panels.

Frequently asked questions

Since Fibo panels are drawn 2.4 -3 inches above the floor, the structure behind must withstand fire resistance. See SINTEF building detail 520.322.

Our warranty covers normal household use and includes water resistance, color fastness and stain resistance. The guarantee does not apply in the event of incorrect installation, accidental or incorrect use, structural movement or incorrect maintenance, like using an abrasive cleaning agent. The warranty only covers the rights described here. Indirect damage is not covered.

You can use Fibo behind normal electric ovens and induction units that do not radiate more than 80 °C (176 °F) towards the back wall. If you have a gas oven or woodstove that produces higher temperatures, do not use Fibo without a flame-resistant material on the back wall. 

Fibo can be used in most rooms, but there are exceptions. Like swimming pools and saunas. On the other hand, Fibo is excellent for changing rooms, showers and other spaces adjacent to saunas and swimming pools.

Yes, Fibo is approved for all wet room zones, for example, in the bathroom shower. This is due to the membrane in the sealing layer. Our panels are excellent in all wet rooms, but also where extra-durable walls are needed, like in hallways, garages or laundry rooms. Fibo Kitchen Board is built the same way and also waterproof.

Many of our panel models are delivered in 10-foot heights. If the model you choose cannot be found in the desired height, we have a list you can use to add the wanted height to Fibo. 

If you plan to mount bathroom fittings, a washbasin, faucet, wall-mounted toilet or other bathroom furniture on the panel, you need to install, for example, a 0.5-inch thick sheet of plywood behind it. You can, of course, attach the decor to studs behind the wall. 

Fibo Seal is specially developed for our panels and is ETAG 022 approved. Fibo Seal is also supplied in the same colors as the joints on the panels. Do not use silicone, only MS polymer sealant approved according to SINTEF TG 2289.

You should use about 14 screws per sheet (installed at approx. 8-inch intervals) and some 12 screws per inner corner. The rule of thumb is one package of screws for five packs of panels (one pack contains two panels). Fibo Seal lasts for approx. 20 running meters per tube. The rule of thumb is one tube of Fibo Seal for three packs of panels.

It is easy to keep Fibo clean – and you avoid all the dirt that tends to stick to tile grout. Use a clean cloth and warm water. For stubborn dirt, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner. You will find more information in our maintenance instructions.

For installation on masonry/concrete walls above ground, use the following solution: Make sure the concrete is dried out and has a maximum moisture level of 85% when mounting. The substrate must be level and provide good attachment possibilities for nails and screws where the panels meet. Remember, where you hang up washbasins or other heavy objects, there must be extra reinforcement.

Forget about the moisture barrier, primer, fix and joints. Fibo panels have an integrated moisture barrier and you can mount the panels directly on the wall framework.

Fibo cannot easily be mounted directly on tiles. If there is an outer wall or wall against cold rooms, there must not be a double-vapor barrier according to Norwegian research institute SINTEF’s building studies results. Because Fibo panels are approved as a vapor barrier, the old vapor barrier must be removed behind the panels.

You can mount Fibo on drywall. With two layers of 0.5-inch drywall, you don’t need horizontal cross sections between the studs. Remember to use screws long enough to go through the drywall and into the studs for secure attachment.

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