Tile sizes and designs


Endless possibilities...

With a wide range of designs and patterns, it's easy to find something that suits your mood. When creating your own combination, keep in mind that some of our collections have different grout line widths and colours.

Check your tile size using the drawings below for reference. Tile designs have either 1.8mm or 3.5mm high groutlines, and grout colours are either white or grey. Please see an actual laminate sample before purchase to ensure you get the best result.

Our Aqualock wall panels are 2400mm high and 600mm wide. Wall panels in our Timeless collections are also available in 900mm and 1200mm (clean cut) widths.

  • F00

    Design M00/F00

    No tile effect

  • M66-M6060

    Design M66/M6060

    Tile size 60cm x 60cm

  • M6040

    Design M64/M6040

    Tile size 60cm x 40cm

  • M63-M6030

    Design M63/M6030

    Tile size 60cm x 30cm

  • F22

    Design F3040

    Tile Size 30cm x 40cm

  • F24

    Design F24

    Tile Size 60cm x 15cm

  • F08

    Design F08

    Tile size 15cm x 20cm

  • ME88-small

    Design ME88

    Tile size varies

    Luxury Feature Panel are 2400mm high and 300mm wide.